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This cooker excels in all department and is a worthy fit for anyone's home.

For instance, this cooker is installed with 8 different programs that can greatly help users in their cooker. Hence, users are given different options to choose from and select the modes based on what they are cooking for the best possible result.

Having a capacity of 1.8L (equivalent of 10 cups) provides an ample amount of space to store plenty of rice making it suitable for household usage.

Besides that, this cooker is integrated with the 'Reheat and Keep Warm' function that gives a lot more functionality to this cooker and more importantly, it betters users convenience in their cooking adventure.

  • Bowl thickness : 2.0mm
  • Spherical bowl : YES
  • Visual cooking : YES
  • Display timer : YES
  • Delayed start : YES
  • Technology : Fuzzy Logic
  • Reheat : YES
  • Cooking programs : 10
  • Bowl capacity : 1.8 L
  • Useful Capacity 5.0 L
  • Total Capacity L
  • Control panel : YES
  • Accessories : Steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup
  • Steam basket : YES
  • Keep warm : AUTOMATIC
  • Removable Cord : YES
  • Dishwasher safe : YES
  • Timer : YES
  • Power : 750W
  • Colours : White and Grey
  • On/Off Switch : YES
  • Removable Bowl : YES
  • Power: 1000  W
  • Safety lid: Yes  
  • Cooking programs: 15+2  
  • Accessories: Trivet, measuring cup, spatula  
  • Additional included accessories: Soup Spoon, Rice Spoon
  • Recipe booklet: Yes      
  • Technology: Standard  
  • Control panel: LED  
  • Pressure cooking: Yes     
  • Cooking programs 1: Pressure cook, steam, brown, simmer, slow cook, reheat  
  • Keep warm: Yes      
  • Adjustable: temperature: Yes     
  • Delayed start: Yes     
  • DIY Chef setting: Yes      
  • Bowl thickness: 1.5  mm
  • Inner bowl coating:Non Stick  
  • Removable bowl: Yes      
  • Timer: Yes     
  • Bowl capacity: 6.0  L
  • Removable Cord: Yes  
  • Safety device for overpression: Yes     
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes 
  • Colours: Black 

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  • Control panel: LCD
  • Pressure cooking: Yes
  • Keep warm: Yes
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Delayed start: Yes
  • DIY Chef setting: Yes
  • Bowl thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Inner bowl coating: Ceramic
  • Removable bowl: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Bowl capacity: 4.8 L
  • Removable cord: Yes

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The #Tefal Mini Rice Cooker features a versatile range of programs and settings, combining 11 Menu functions: Rice, Quick Cook, Steam, Congee, Instant Noodles, Porridge, Brown Rice, Reheat, Keep Warm, Adjustable Timer and Preset
Powered with Fuzzy Logic technology, this high-performance rice cooker uses artificial intelligence to deliver perfectly-prepared dishes.
A five-layer ceramic pot with diamond shape coating ensures durable performance, while features like keep-warm and a 24-hour delayed start help you take your cooking to the next level.

Removable Bowl
Power: 350W
Removable Cord
Keep warm: Automatic 
Steam basket
Control panel
Technology: Fuzzy Logic
Delayed start
Inner bowl coating: Durable ceramic
Removable steam shield
Removable inner lid



  • Power : 750W
  • Capacity : 8 cups/ 1.5L
  • 9 cooking programs (3 Rice + 6 Multi cooking programs)
  • Spherical Pot - Inner pot : 2mm 6
  • Layers with ceramic coating (bottom & upper layer)
  • LED control panel
  • Fuzzy logic artificial intelligence technology
  • Preset up to 24 hours
  • Automatic keep warm up to 24hrs & delayed start
  • Cooking progress indicator
  • Preset Timer
  • Micro pressure valve
  • Upper lid : Aluminum detachable upper lid
  • Recipe Book provided
  • Accessories : steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, spoon rack, measuring cup
  • Fuzzy logic Artificial Intelligence enables your rice & multicooker to calculate automatically the cooking parameters or optimal cooking performance
  • Mini size for small families - Colour: White
  • Capacity: 4 cups / 0.7L
  • Spherical cooking pot for homogeneous cooking
  • Inner bowl:aluminium spherical POT 2.0MM – 6 LAYERS
  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • 7 cooking programs: Rice cooking, porridge, congee, soup, steam, baby porridge, keep warm
  • 24 hours preset and timer functions
  • LED control Panel
  • Accessories: steam basket, rice spoon, rice spatula, measuring cups & recipe book
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts 

• 48 Cooking Programs : White rice, Japanese rice, Glutinous rice, Brown rice, Quick cooking, Small Qty, Claypot, Porridge, Congee, Steam, Slow Cook, Soup, Bread Rising, Dessert, 
• Reheat, Keep warm, DIY chef
• Exclusive Spherical pot technology 7-layer, 3mm thick inner pot with nonstick coating and easy cleaning
• Preset and keep warm up to 24 hours; Adjustable cooking time & temperature : preset & save your own recipes
• Detachable lid for easy cleaning
• Accessories :Steam basket, spoons & measuring cup

  • Packaging Size : 49cm (W) x 35cm (L) x 17cm (H)
  • Gross Weight : 3KG
  • Include : 1 x 26cm non-stick deep frypan, 1 x 28cm non-stick wokpan, 1 x spatula

1 x 24cm non-stick frypan
1 x 18cm non-stick saucepan
1 x 18cm glass lid with with integrated steam vent



  • Capacity: 8 cups/ 1.5 L
  • 1200 W
  • 16 cooking programs
  • Inner pot: 3mm 5 layers with ceramic coating ( bottom & upper layer )
  • Spherical Pot
  • LED control panel
  • Artificial Intelligence Induction Heating
  • Preset up to 24 hours
  • Automatic keep warm
  • Cooking progress indicator
  • Preset Timer
  • Micro pressure valve
  • Upper lid: Aluminum detachable upper lid
  • Accessories: steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, spoon rack, measuring cup