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  • Specifications:
  • Power: 1700 W
  • Steam output: 30 g/min
  • Steam head: Metal 
  • Heat-up time: 45 s
  • Sanitize: Yes
  • Adjustable pole: Simple 
  • Steam Setting: 3
  • Clips: Yes 
  • Hanger hook: Yes 
  • Water tank capacity: 1,5 L
  • On/Off switch: Hand operated 
  • Water tank: Removable
  • Usage: Vertical

The Effectis high-pressure steam generator combines powerful steam with outstanding convenience in a beautiful, compact design.

  • Exceptional efficiency is delivered through high-pressure steam and a stunning 300 g/min steam boost combined with a rapid 2-minute heat-up time.
  • The advanced “no setting” technology, that automatically delivers the perfect combination of steam and temperature for your fabrics with the touch of a button, means no more sorting linen and no more burning fabrics.
  • An exclusive anti-scale solution ensures calc deposits are easily removed and provides increased durability, while maximum glide is produced through the Durilium Airglide Autoclean feature.
  • The simple locking system and hassle-free cord that easily wraps around the appliance provides effortless storage options for ultimate convenience.
  • Effectis: powerful performance for long-lasting results, day after day.
  • 5.9 bar pump pressure and a 120 g/minute continuous steam output deliver fast ironing result on all fabrics.
  • Powerful steam boost up to 360g/ minute for stubborn creases.
  • Fast heat up: 2 mins to be ready
  • Xpress Glide soleplate glide through your ironing with maximum ease.
  • 1.7L removable water tank for easy refilling and hassle free ironing experience.
  • Compact design for maximum convenience and ease.
  • Lock System for easy and safe transport.
  • Multi-use vertical steaming and Eco mode to save energy.
  • 2800W: faster heating up
  • Large water tank 270ml for an effortless refill
  • New durilium airglide soleplate with 100% active steam holes for wider steam diffusion
  • Steam output of up to 50g/minute provide better performance
  • Up to 220g/minute steam boost provides better performance
  • Eco energy setting- 20% energy saving
  • Anti-drip prevents water drips & keeps your clothes free of stains
  • Built-in ergonomic steam trigger for steam on demand
  • Automatically turns off when not in use
  • Easy to use
  • Easy maintenance with anti-scale setting
  • Easy access precision tip: has special shape that makes ironing easier around the button
  • Functions: Removes creases & wrinkles
  • Natural power of steam- Kills 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria
  • Vertical steam- allows user to iron fabrics on a hanger
  • XL Size Soleplate- Easy gliding for faster ironing
  • 5 Steam Settings - Manual settings for all material types
  • Refreshes & Sanitizes - Kills 99.99% of germs, viruses & bacteria
  • Capacity - 100g/min Steam Boost
  • Tackle stubborn creases & wrinkles
  • Vertical Steam - For long garments or other household items
  • Precision Tip - Ironing around buttons much easier
  • Superb Results In No Time : 5.3 bar pump pressure, 2200W power together
  • with 120 g/min continuous steam output deliver fast ironing results on all kinds of fabrics.
  • Effectively Remove Stubborn Creases : Powerful Steam boost up to
  • 270g/min for to smoothen out even the most stubborn creases with ease
  • Saves Precious Time : Fast Heat Up of 2mins to be ready
  • Easy Glide : Ceramic soleplate for enhanced gliding
  • Suitable for all types of Fabrics : Thermostat with multiple settings
  • Ease of Use : 1.4L water tank for up to 1h40 of ironing without refill* (in eco mode)
  • Easy Maintenance : Easier than ever with calc clear technology, which means no more cartridges
  • Highly Compact Frame : Compact design for maximum convenience, ease & storage
  • Unrivalled Convenience & Safety : Lock System for easy and safe transport
  • Fast & easy steaming at home
  • Power: 1800W
  • 45 seconds heat-up time
  • 37g/min steam output
  • 2 steam settings
  • 1.5L water tank for continuous refill
  • Large metal steam head with pointed tip to remove creases effectively
  • Draining system
  • Hand-operated on/off switch
  • 1 adjustable pole
  • Accessories: fabric brush
  • Power: 2600 W
  • Steam output: 155 g/min
  • Steam boost: 570 g/min
  • Steam pressure: 7.7 bar
  • Vertical Steam
  • Setting of steam & temperature: Electronic 5 settings
  • Heat up time: 2 min
  • High pressure boiler
  • Soleplate Technology: Durilium Airglide Autoclean Ultra Thin
  • Glideability of soleplate*****
  • Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance*****
  • Continuous steam diffusion: Tip, side and heart
  • Precision Tip
  • COMFORT IN USEComfort Handle: Yes
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Auto-Off: Yes
  • Eco Mode: Yes
  • Power cord length: 1.7m
  • Lock-System: Yes
  • Water tank capacity: 1.9L
  • Stable rest hill: Yes
  • Water tank: Removable
  • Empty tank detector: Yes
  • Continuous refilling: Yes
  • Cord Storage: Power cord and steam cord
  • Scale collector : Yes
  • Anti scale function: Removable anti-scale collector
  • Scale alert: Yes
  • Colours: White and pink
  • Efficient Ironing: Steam Boost up to 210 g/min produces a large amount of steam, accelerated & projected deep into the fabric at high speeds to remove even the most stubborn creases.
  • Faster Heat-up: High power of 2600 W for faster heat-up & powerful performance.
  • Better Glide: Ceramic Soleplate to make your ironing a lot easier &faster.
  • Improved Comfort: Ergonomic ever ready & easy to reach Steam Trigger.
  • Easy To Use: 5 temperature settings for different types of fabrics
  • Easy Access: The tip of the iron has a special shape that makes ironing around buttons much easier.
  • Versatility: Steaming delicate or large garments is made easier with the vertical Steam.
  • Peace of Mind Cleanliness: Sanitizes & Kills 99.99% of Bacteria's, Germs & Viruses.

  • Power: 2600 W
  • Continuous steam output: 45 g/min
  • Steam boost: 210 g/min
  • Vertical Steam: Yes • Spray: Yes
  • Steam output: High (35 to 120 g/min)
  • Soleplate Technology: Durilium Airglide
  • Continuous steam diffusion: Tip, side and heart
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Power cord length: 2 m
  • Water tank capacity: Standard (150 ml to 1L)
  • Anti-scale function: Anti-scale setting
  • Auto-Off: Yes
  • Anti-scale system: Yes
  • Anti-Drip system: Yes
  • Water level indicator: Yes