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Water Filtration
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In-Line Filter Cartridge (Cleaner Operation) Pat Pending
3 Layer Non-Woven Fabric with Powdered Activated Carbon
Removes 99.9% Chlorine, Rust, Turbidity, Sediment & Odour
Easy Installation

Selector Valve to Select Between Filtered or Unfiltered Mode
Option of Removable Selector Valve to attach to separate tap
for Filter only

Food Grade BPA Free Plastic
SUS 304 Stainless Steel Pipe


Promoting good health, the new Panasonic Alkaline Water Ionizer TK-AS45 is the answer for a healthy lifestyle. Key Features The alkaline ionized water made by Panasonic's Alkaline ionizer is water that contains a lot of hydrogen which has a powerful Besides being good for everyone, it's especially helpful for the young and those with medical conditions. Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Water Ionizer helps you keep your familys drinking water healthier and cleaner. Use your filtered water for cooking, making baby formula, coffee, tea and juice. Its spigot makes dispensing easy as can be. The filter replacement indicator sticker helps you know when its time to replace. The water from Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer is purified by original high-performance filters. Compared to the tap water that may be bad for health and substances that cause odors.