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Switch Schneider Pieno Switch Socket (Lavender Silver)
Price RM24.60 - RM73.60
Brand Schneider
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  • High-end European aesthetics, featuring distinctive jumbo dolly
  • Its circular base design can easily fit into the common 60mm diameter wall opening for a faster and more convenient installation in false walls or furniture
  • Made of corrosion resistant, heat resistant, and impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® switch architecture for easier installation, greater durability and improved aesthetics
  • Available in White, Matte Black, Lavender Silver, and Aluminum Silver
  • All ROHS compliant

E8215C_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 13a 250v 1 Gang Switched Socket (Lavender Silver) 

E8231BPL1_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 10a 1 Gang Bell Press (Lavender Silver) 

E8231D20N_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 20a 1 Gang Double Pole (Lavender Silver) 

E8231L1F_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 16ax 1 Gang 1 Way (Lavender Silver) 

E8231L2F_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 16ax 1 Gang 2 Way (Lavender Silver) 

E8231RJS4_LS_G1 - Switch Schneider Pieno 1 Gang Telephone Socket Shuttered (Lavender Silver) 

E8232L1F_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 16ax 2 Gang 1 Way (Lavender Silver) 

E8232L2F_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 16ax 2 Gang 2 Way (Lavender Silver) 

E8232RJS4_LS_G1 - Switch Schneider Pieno 2 Gang Telephone Socket, Keystone On Shuttered Wallplate (Lavender Silver) 

E8233L1F_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 16ax 3 Gang 1 Way (Lavender Silver) 

E8234L1F_LS_G11 - Schneider Pieno 10ax 4 Gang 1 Way Withfluorescent (Lavender Silver) 

E82T25C_LS_G11 - Switch Schneider Pieno 13a 250v Twin Gang Switched Socket (Lavender Silver)